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Jeremy Rossiter

Jeremy Rossiter


I am an artist who splits their time between home on the Isle of Skye in the Highlands of Scotland and rural Hampshire. Here you can see all my work and buy anything from cards, prints, posters and original paintings. I also take commissions.

My paintings and posters are inspired, actually probably obsessed, with the landscape in all its glory from the wide open spaces and beaches to the wild flowers and of course, the mountains. I am also a marathon runner and my many hours training outside puts me right into nature and means I can mentally absorb the colours and the effects of changing light, weather and seasons.

My work falls into two categories, oil paintings and graphic design posters - both of which were the art that made me want to become an artist. The oil paintings range from small studies which I can do out 'en plein air'. The posters are inspired by the propaganda posters of the 1930's and show off the iconic and recognisable mountains, peaks, and rock formations of the landscape.

Jeremy Rossiter Artist


About 10 years ago I decided to work full time on my art and now have pieces in collections around the world. My time is spent travelling for inspiration and then returning to my studio to work on the latest pieces.

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Jeremy Rossiter Paintings


I work predominantly in oils as I have a real affinity to the fluid nature of the paint and the ability to keep making changes. I sell original paintings and prints of my favourite Skye and Highland landscapes.

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Jeremy Rossiter Posters


As part of a trip at university I went to an exhibition of propaganda posters from the 1930s. I was struck by the bold nature and colours used. Inspired by this I have produced a collection of mountain scape posters.

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