New Work

Cuillin Sunset (hex) - £ 500

A quirky canvas, showing the awesome view of the beautiful Cuillin Ridge on Skye.

63 x 70 cm

Oil on canvas

Distance - £ 750

Inspired by the wide open spaces of the Highlands, this painting is built up with layers of squeegeed acrylic to give depth and texture.

80 x 60 cm

Acrylic on deep edge canvas

Flow Country - £ 800

Inspired by the bleak but beautiful Flow Country.

This large expanse of peat and bog in the far north of Scotland and is the largest blanket bog in Europe.

Oil on canvas


Passing Storm - £ 1200

A brooding, lrge canvas, contrasting the storm clouds with the freshly dampened flowers and wheat. A real statemennt piece.

Oil on Canvas

100 x 100cm

Sunset Squall - £ 700

Inspired by late Turner paintings, this thick impasto painting captures the movement of wind, water, cloud and light.

Oil on canvas


Winter Field - £ 150

A study of sunrise over a frosty field.


Oil on deep edge canvas

Winter Trees - £ 150

Weak winter sunrise burning through frosty branches.

30 x 23 cm

Oil on deep edge canvas